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The State Enterprise
«Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical
Center Gostruda»
Indicative list of documents

LIST OF ISSUES (documents) that are verified by technical experts of industrial safety in the State Labour inspection companies for authorization to perform activities of high risk, high-risk equipment operation:

  1. Description of the documents submitted for examination, stamped business.
  2. A copy of the charter, the position (title page and activities) or certificate of business.
  3. Document of state registration, certificate oblstatupravleniya, taxpayer certificate.
  4. Resolution Gostruda (Gosgorpromnadzora) and in the presence of license (in accordance with Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Entrepreneurship").
  5. Information on the total number working in the enterprise and professional-qualification structure of officials, specialists and workers engaged in the performance of high hazard, in the form attached (Annex №1 and №2).
  6. Job descriptions (and work instructions, if necessary), developed in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of 16.02.98 №24.
  7. Instructions on labor protection and industrial occupations instructions drawn up in accordance with the "Regulation on the development of regulations on labor protection" approved by Order of Gosnadzorohrantruda 29.01.98 №9.
  8. The list of existing specifications and technical documentation (rules, norms DSTU, GOST, DBN, SNIP, specifications, etc.) necessary for the operation of the enterprise.
  9. Orders the appointment of persons responsible for the safe operation and quality control.
  10. The plans for localization and liquidation of emergency situations (if necessary).
  11. Information on the production base:
  • Availability of project documentation on the basis of expert opinion and of her expert and technical center Gostruda;
  • a certificate of maintenance workers ablution facilities;
  • a statement of the technical equipment and machinery in the attached form (Annex №3);
  • The results of the survey the state of safety of electrical installations (section 8 of the SAE EP);
  • minutes of checking electric laboratory, accredited in accordance with established procedure, resistance grounding and wiring (according PTE EP)

12. Documentation of labor protection:

  • protocols of examination officials, experts and employees on the general course of labor protection, according to the rules of construction and safe operation of subordinated Gostruda, on electrical safety;
  • the provision of training, instruction and testing workers on labor protection, programs and magazines of education;
  • logs transmission briefings;
  • an order to create a permanent commission on examination of workers labor protection;
  • provision of the service of occupational safety and order on its establishment;
  • list of works with high risk and ordered the appointment of the persons responsible for the execution of works with high risk;
  • a list of overalls, footwear and personal protective equipment;
  • information on the passage of medical personnel and drug inspection.

Appendix № 1. Information about the professional qualification of the officials and experts
Appendix № 2. Information about the professional qualification structure of workers
Appendix № 3. Information about the machines and technological means