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The State Enterprise
«Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical
Center Gostruda»

The history of the State Enterprise «Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical Center Gostruda» (hereinafter – SE «Pridneprovsky ETC») has its origins in 1996, when in order to support the state supervision on the basis of the structural unit of Pridneprovsky territorial administration Gosnadzorohrantruda Ukraine was established the appropriate state-owned enterprise.

And even 20 years later, in SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» quite rightly believe that the key to stable operation to achieve the noble goal – to contribute to enhancing the level of industrial and occupational safety, minimization of risks in all spheres of society is precisely the personnel selection of specialists who provide expert level of the enterprise.

Expert organization consists of 14 departments and 3 laboratories, which employs 81 people, including 28 certified technical expert of industrial safety. Everyone – not only professional, has extensive experience in the structure Gostruda. He – the basis of a united team, where there is experience and youthful enthusiasm. After all, more than half of the staff have worked at the company for more than 12 years. Another 10% – it's old-timers, who came 20 years ago and are still working. Together, they pass on their experience to the young, while maintaining continuity of knowledge and skills between generations.

To date, SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» provides services for a wide range of activities in the field of industrial safety in various industries: metallurgical, chemical, mining, etc. This, among other things, and the work of the expert examination (technical diagnostics) and technical inspection of vehicles, machinery and equipment increased risk, buildings and structures; examination of the state of occupational health and safety of enterprises; technical expertise of projects, technologies, machines and equipment increased risk; State technical inspection technology vehicles; organization of training and examination on safety of officials and experts; psychophysiological examination of workers who perform work of high risk; development of instruments for industrial safety.

All the technical experts on industrial safety certified and have the necessary qualification certificates and certificates of compliance with the qualification requirements of national and European standards.

The company since 2003, implemented and maintained in good condition Quality Management System meets the requirements of State Standard ISO 9001:2009 (ІSО 9001:2008) – certificate № UA 2.008.09622-16 on 02/03/16. Since 2009 the company has been accredited as an inspection body for the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine for compliance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17020:2012. Together with the latest material and technical equipment, a large base of the legal, technical, methodological and operational documentation, it allows high-quality, objectively and in a timely manner to carry out work to ensure the completeness, accuracy, reliability, credibility and transparency of their performance for the customer in all activities.

Of course, work effectively in the 21st century in the direction of industrial safety without the use of the latest technology is very difficult. Therefore, SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» closely monitoring global trends, seeking to «adopt» the latest inventions in science and technology. Thus, recently the company introduced: eddy current inspection method, which is widely used for the control of parts and assemblies in a variety of industries. It can detect both surface and subsurface defects; Thermal control, allowing identify heat loss in energy facilities, as well as to determine the condition of the insulation of an equipment; acoustic emission control method, which is used for estimation and forecasting of the technical condition of the objects as a single control method.

Despite the fact that the territorial binding SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» stipulates the provision of expert services in the first place, one of the largest industrial centers of Ukraine – in the Dnipropetrovsk region and major customers – is the metallurgical, chemical, energy, mining, geography it activity covers not only the region but also spread outside Ukraine. For example, working in the direction of industrial safety specialists SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» performs expert examination of boilers tank wagons AB «Lietuvos geležinkeliai» in the Republic of Lithuania. Belarus has carried out the assessment of conformity of imported equipment of gas supply natural and liquefied gas production JV «Thermo Brest» requirements of the normative acts on labor protection and industrial safety, acting on the territory of Ukraine.

Not by chance, based on the quality of services provided, almost all the industrial giants Dnipropetrovsk among regular customers of SE «Pridneprovsky ETC». This convinced PJSC «Dnieper Metallurgical Plant named after FE Dzerzhinsky, SE «Design Bureau «Yuzhnoye» them. MK Yangely», JSC «Evraz Bagleykoks», JSC «Nikopol Ferroalloy Plant», JSC «DNEPRAZOT», JSC “Dnieper starch plant», PJSC «DTEK Pavlogradugol», JSC «Interpipe NTRP», SE «NGO «Pavlograd Chemical Plant», PJSC «DTEK Dneprooblenergo», JSC «Evraz DMZ them. Petrovsky», Dniproenergo DTEK and others.

In SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» confidently look to the future. After all, employees share of catch phrase of Director, which became the motto of the enterprise: «There are no problems that would not have agreed to a team of like-minded».