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The State Enterprise
«Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical
Center Gostruda»
Preventing and combating corruption
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Progress Report on the State Enterprise «Pridneprovsky ETC» to prevent and counter corruption in the first half 2017

2 Guidelines on Question predotvraschenyya urehulyrovanyya a conflict of interests in the activities of persons, upolnomochennыh to perform state functions Or local government, and for him persons download
3 The list of regulatory legal acts in the area of preventing and combating corruption (This list is constantly being updated due to changes in the legislation) download
4 Helplines:
5 For information on corruption offenses can be reported main expert on anti-corruption (Kiev): e-mail: harbar@dsp.gov.ua, phone number: +380 (44) 248-74-35, or the person in charge on the prevention of corruption and criminal manifestations by phone: +380 (56) 790-10-11 or e-mail: dpetc1@gmail.com labeled CD.