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Ukrainian children's drawing competition «Occupational Safety eyes of children»

In order to popularize the issues of labor protection, drawing public attention to the existing problems in the field of occupational safety and education of high culture of safety among young people, as well as on the occasion of the World Day of labor protection in 2016 SE «Pridneprovsky ETC» joins for a regional tour of all-Ukrainian contest of children drawing «Occupational Safety eyes of children» held GP «magazine» «Occupational Safety» under the patronage of Gostruda.

The competition consists of two phases:

  • the first stage of the competition in January – February 2016 (the regional qualifying rounds);
  • the second stage of the competition in March – April 2016 (finals and announcement of winners).

Participants in the competition are students, pupils, students of secondary schools, after-school educational institutions of the three age groups:

  •  The first group – the authors of the ages of 6 to 10 years;
  •  The second group – the authors of the age from 11 to 14 years;
  •  The third group – the authors of the age from 15 to 18 years.

Entries must be made on the subject of occupational health and safety, namely safe operations in the coal, wood industry, agriculture, forestry and elevators, medical field, construction, transport, etc.

Learn more about the conditions of participation in the competition, the requirements for drawings, criteria for evaluation of entries, the details of the qualifying regional rounds and the finals can be by downloading the «Regulations on the Ukrainian contest of children's drawings «Occupational Safety eyes of children» on the Day of labor protection in Ukraine in 2016 year».

Author: Admin 04.01.2016