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This year, on the recommendation of the International labor organization, Ukraine will celebrate the Day of labor protection on 28 April under the slogan "Improving the collection and use of data on the safety and health at work".

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The management of the Municipal enterprise  expressed gratitude for the long-term cooperation and high quality maintenance and expert inspection of power generating equipment and equipment of increased danger, which was carried out by the experts of SE " Prydniprovsk ETC".

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During the seminar the heads of the structural divisions of the enterprise specific features of electronic Declaration according to the law of Ukraine "On prevention of corruption and responsibility for violations in the sphere of financial control." 

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With the aim of raising the level of legal work, the solution of problems arising in the work of legal services of the territorial bodies Gostruda, state enterprises and institutions belonging to the sphere of management Gostruda, February 2, 2017 in the Central office by the initiative of the legal Department Gostruda hosted a seminar with the heads of legal services.

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This year training on the General course of "labor safety" is designed for 3 days and is 391,70 UAH (including VAT).

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