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The State Enterprise
«Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical
Center Gostruda»
Examination of facilities high-risk

The Department of technical and industry expertise, which includes the electrical Laboratory, State Enterprise «Pridneprovsky ETC» carries out the examination:

  • design documentation for construction (reconstruction, technical re-equipment) production facilities, engineering infrastructure of social and cultural facilities (including natural gas facilities, boiler inspection, lifting equipment, lifts, explosive, hazardous, chemical and oil refining facilities, power facilities, mining, non-metal and coal industries, the construction industry), manufacture of machines, equipment and other means of production, means of collective and personal protection, new technologies for compliance with regulations on labor protection;
  • projects for the construction of mining and processing enterprises on labor protection and rational use of mineral resources;
  • projects of measures to protect buildings and structures from the harmful impact of mining operations;
  • projects of mining leases, mining plans and project documentation for the development of solid, liquid and gaseous mineral resources;
  • materials for writing off mineral reserves;
  • projects to eliminate mining enterprises;
  • New production facilities and social and cultural facilities, put into operation or reconstructed;
  • samples of new machines, equipment and other means of production, before the introduction of new technologies into production;
  • of buildings, structures, machinery, electrical consumers.

Also conducts expert examination, technical diagnostics, technical inspections of elevators, escalators, construction lifts; provides the expertise of processes, machinery, equipment purchased abroad for compliance with regulations for the protection of health and safety, acting on the territory of Ukraine; provides the expertise of labor protection and industrial safety business entities to obtain permission to perform hazardous work and operation of vehicles, machinery, equipment increased risk.

Among other things The Department of technical and industry expertise:

  • provides expert opinion on the conformity of the equipment high-risk requirements of legal acts on labor protection and industrial safety to obtain authorization for its use;
  • provides certification and declaration of equipment for compliance with technical regulations;
  • conducts internal audits of labor protection and industrial safety of enterprises;
  • issues conclusions, opinions, reviews, coordination on the draft rules, standards, guidelines and scientific research on occupational safety, protection of mineral resources, geological and surveying works, processing of mineral resources;
  • provides technical assistance to representatives of companies on the organization of work on the creation of the enterprise OSH management system, the organization of safe and harmless working conditions, protection of mineral resources and mineral resources;
  • conducting expert examinations of electrical equipment, have fulfilled the normative service life;
  • conducting tests and measurements of electrical equipment, wiring, grounding devices and others.

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