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The State Enterprise
«Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical
Center Gostruda»
Technical diagnostics of objects of boiler inspection

With modern technical equipment and a staff of specialists with high professional level, the Department of technical diagnostics of objects of boiler inspection, which includes the x-ray laboratory, State Enterprise «Pridneprovsky ETC» carries out non-destructive testing, expert survey, technical survey and certification of equipment increased risk (steam and hot water boilers, vessels, working under pressure, tanks, tanks, containers, pipelines, steam and hot water, industrial pipelines, gas pipelines, heat networks, rolling stock industry, etc.), both domestic and imported.

The department is equipped with modern instruments and equipment for non-destructive testing of base metal and welded joints of the following methods:

  • VT – visual and optical;
  • UT – ultrasound;
  • RT – radiography;
  • MT – magnetic particle;
  • ET – eddy current;
  • PT – capillary;
  • AT – acoustic emission;
  • thermal imaging,

and measuring the hardness of the metal and leak testing equipment, working under pressure.

The department is equipped with the necessary actualized normative and technical documentation, as well as modern office equipment (PCs, copiers), which provide high-quality measurement data processing and control, conducting theoretical studies to assess the possibility of further operation of the equipment, production of expert reports.

The geography of work is extensive and includes enterprises of different ownership forms in the cities: Dnipro, Kamyanske, Krivoy Rog, Nikopol, Pavlograd, Manganese, Pokrov, Verhnedneprovsk, Volnogorsk, Zaporizhzhya, Rivne, Kalush, Kremenchug, Odessa. Division carried out the work on the diagnosis of technically sophisticated equipment and engineering facilities, including reactors, coolers, separators, pipelines, gas pipelines and other equipment shops ammonia, urea, polyvinyl chloride, waste heat recovery boilers, steam boilers a high pressure and others.

High professionalism and extensive experience of technical experts, the availability of modern diagnostic equipment and regulatory base ensures quality work in strict accordance with the requirements of the reference document.

(download license for the use of ionizing radiation sources: Part 1, Part 2).

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