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The State Enterprise
«Pridneprovsky Expert and Technical
Center Gostruda»
Technical inspection of technology vehicles

According to Article 34 of the Law of Ukraine «On traffic», the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine from 06.01.2010 Number 8 «On approval of the departmental registration and accounting of large technology and other means of transport», the order of the State Committee for Industrial Safety, Labour Protection and Mining Supervision of 27.01.2010 №9 «The procedure of state technical inspection of large technological and other vehicles which are not subject to the operation of the road network of common use», experts of the technical department technology vehicles Enterprise «Pridneprovsky ETC» perform technical support of registration of vehicles and conduct technical inspection of production vehicles :

  • large-capacity vehicles and other technology;
  • tracked and wheeled tractors, including attachments and other machinery on their chassis;
  • tractor trailers and semi-trailers Coupling devices (portable compressors, welding machines, etc.);
  • self-propelled and towed scrapers;
  • lifting and other machines at a special self-propelled chassis;
  • self-propelled road-building equipment;
  • trucks of all types;
  • electric cars, electric trucks.

Technical inspection technology vehicles is carried out before their registration, re-registration, temporary registration and removal from the register (except deregistration in connection with the write-off).

Fees for services for the technical inspection of production vehicles (VAT) in the State Enterprise «Pridneprovsky ETC».

State technical inspection of vehicles for the process is conducted annually.

However, experts of the technical department of technology vehicles carried out the work:

  • for expert examination of labor protection and safety of industrial enterprises operating technology vehicles, or going to exploit them, for authorization (in accordance with the «Procedure for issuing permits for works of increased danger for the operation (use) of machines, machinery, equipment increased danger» approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on October 26, 2011 №1107);
  • for expert examination technology vehicles imported from abroad, are to be registered in the territorial bodies Gostruda Ukraine for compliance with the requirements of normative legal acts on labor protection, operating in Ukraine for further registration and obtain a permit for their operation;
  • and – provide advisory services for registration, re-registration, deregistration (including in connection with the write-off) for the examination of occupational safety and compliance with the company of machines, equipment increased risk.

The list of issues to be checked by technical experts in the survey companies to get approval for the execution of works of increased danger or operation of facilities, vehicles, machinery, equipment increased risk.

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